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NIL benefits athletes, organizations, and Oklahoma State University's athletic programs.


Despite what you might have thought about Name/Image/Likeness two-plus years ago when it came into existence, nor despite what you might think of it now… NIL really is not a 4-letter word.


First of all, NIL is not ‘pay to play’ nor ‘pay for performance.’ When implemented by institutions with integrity, like Pokes With A Purpose, athletes must provide services in exchange for the use of their name, image or likeness. There is a binding contract between the Athlete and the Collective. And the Collective ensures the contractual services are met. 


Secondly, organizations and brands can benefit from the association between they and the athlete. The athlete lends their influence, audience and association to help promote that organization or brand. And the brand ultimately wins.


Thirdly, NIL is now the law of the land, whether we like it or not. And while NIL isn’t going away, the landscape seemingly changes daily as states challenge the NCAA, schools sue their conferences, there’s talk of federal legislation, collective bargaining, athletes as employees, and on and on. The fact remains – it’s here to stay one some form or another.


And finally, NIL is essential for Oklahoma State to remain competitive in athletics. It is critical for us to retain our current athletes (playing an integral part in keeping many of our key football players in Stillwater for the fall of ‘24). It is also mandatory to be able to recruit new athletes. If you ask an athlete, NIL is more important today than campus facilities, coaches or culture. Remain competitive, retain current athletes, recruit new athletes. That’s NIL for OSU.




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