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Hitting homers - on and off the field

The Jaxson Crull Story.


One day in the summer of 2023, the Collective received an email from Jaxson Crull, one of OSU’s baseball athletes. His email came from out of the blue, but it certainly got our attention.


“I have a business plan for a merchandise store that could make the Collective a lot of money and I’d like to present it to you.”


Naturally, we were intrigued – first, because we’re always looking for alternate streams of revenue for the Collective. But secondly, because such a business-like overture was made by a student athlete. So, we gave Jaxson an appointment. And it would be a gross understatement to say we were blown away.


The level of professionalism of Jaxson’s presentation and business plan were unexpected. The logic of the plan was sound. The risk to the Collective was negligible. The projections were reasonable and realistic. The athletes would earn a large percentage of the net profits as NIL compensation. Literally, Jaxson had thought of everything. And we made a deal on the spot.


Today, the PWAP Merchandise store has grown significantly under Jaxson’s leadership (while he’s playing baseball and going to school). New team collections are being added regularly. And more collections are planned. All from the vision of Jaxson Crull.


Oh, did we mention Jaxson is the starting designated hitter for the Cowboys this season AND a 4.0 student with a job waiting for him when he graduates? Not surprising.  




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